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Principal's Message

I believe that every child has a fundamental right to quality education.  A quality education encompasses excellent preparation for a life where one can think critically, problem-solve, innovate, and make responsible decisions.  Opportunities for students to have a voice are crucial in developing individuals who have the attitude and grit to contribute to the greater good.
Since arriving in July of 2015, I have been impressed with the dedication that all members of the school community have demonstrated.  The work does not happen in isolation; in this case, it truly has taken a village of teachers, students, and families and the support of many individuals and organizations who have been some of our number one fans.
P.S. 307 students know that they are expected to leave a lasting legacy and to meet this expectation, we ensure that they are engaged in multiple forms of literacy, a curriculum that effectively integrates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and the tools needed to collaborate with their peers productively.   Receiving a Magnet Grant has afforded us recognition as a high-quality STEM school.  This is because we work extensively on integrating STEM and all its principles across other core subjects.  We have formed and maintained a variety of partnerships to ensure that we are constantly building capacity from within.  Resources are plentiful, and our students have opportunities to engage in STEM activities that truly reflect 21st-century learning.
High-quality teaching is instrumental in achieving this end goal, and I believe that the approach to planning thoughtful and relevant instruction includes a variety of methods that engage students in the assessment and reflection of their learning.  Our student-led conferences indicate this shift towards a more metacognitive approach to teaching and learning.
Members of the P.S. 307 community care about each other.  Strong academics are critical but so too is the social-emotional health of our students.  We pride ourselves on working together to focus on every child's well-being and family.
P.S. 307 is a special place.  This statement is heard by staff, students, families, and visitors alike.  We are, and we will continue to be committed to academic and personal excellence for all students.  We welcome you to visit our special community as we advance onwards and upwards and move full STEM ahead!
Stephanie Carroll