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Special Education

P.S. 307 is home to children of diverse backgrounds and varying educational needs.
Autism Spectrum Disorder 
ASD Horizon is an 8:1:1 specialized program in our community school serving students on the Autism Spectrum. All students in the program are educated via Common Core State Standards and ACE (Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia), a supplemental curriculum that targets social communication and overall socialization. We have an ASD coordinator and in-house psychologist. Parents interested in ASD Horizon must speak to their school’s SBST, Social worker, Care team personnel. Together they are to download the ASD Inquiry form here and fax it over to Central office.
Self-Contained 12:1:1 classes
These classes serve students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). This is a special class consisting of students with disabilities who have been grouped together because of similar individual needs so that they can receive specially designed instruction.  The content, methodology, or delivery of instruction is adapted to ensure that the students have access to the general curriculum and the opportunity to meet the educational standards.
ICT/Integrated Co-Teaching Classes
P.S. 307 has been home to ICT classes since 1995 with the induction of its first SuperStart Plus Pre-Kindergarten class. Students with disabilities who receive Integrated Co-Teaching services are educated with age-appropriate peers in the general education classroom. ICT provides students the opportunity to be educated alongside their non-disabled peers with the full support of a special education teacher to assist in adapting and modifying instruction.
Speech and Language Pathologists evaluate and provide individual and group therapy to students’ various communication difficulties.
Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy services at P.S.307 consist of helping students perform particular tasks necessary for successful participation and learning. Assistance is given to help students pay attention in class, behave appropriately, concentrate on independent work, in addition to hold writing utensils, musical instruments, and books.
Physical Therapy
The Physical Therapist uses activities and exercises to maintain, improve or restore our students’ function, including gross motor development, balance and coordination in various settings.
Academic Intervention Services/Response to Intervention (AIS/RTI)
Academic Intervention Services is a small group, supplementary target instruction. Intervention designed for students who find reading and writing difficult.  The goal is to bring students to grade level achievement in reading.  By actively participating in intensive lessons on each level, readers have the opportunity to expand their reading and writing abilities.  With the support of instruction, group members will stretch themselves to read more complex texts with accuracy, fluency, and comprehension and write with more complexity. The goal of highly effective small-group interventions is to get struggling readers back on track as soon as possible.   The program has short term intensive daily lessons with communication between classroom and home. Small group instruction enables learners to make accelerated progress when the intervention is early.