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Why is Advisory Important


 Perhaps the most talked-about benefits of an advisory program are the positive relationships created. Advisories help build a sense of community in schools, which is essential for preventing alienation. Furthermore, studies have shown that students' educational success is based on academic and social support. Rose Burkhardt (2005), the former president of the National Middle School Association, wrote in her article Advisory: Advocacy for Every Student:

If teachers expect students to be engaged learners, they must communicate that they are cared for, respected, welcomed, and appreciated. Young adolescents need affirmation. They need support. They need to know that those charged with educating them are also concerned about them.


In addition to improving students' current academic performance, advisors can help students plan their future academic careers. Many important decisions are made during the middle school and high school years about graduating from high school and attending college. Advisory can serve as a time for discussion about future goals and aspirations. Advisors can assist students in making decisions that will help them achieve their life goals. Additionally, through advisory, students can receive timely information about deadlines and procedures for graduating from grammar school to middle school and applying for jobs and colleges.

Finally, advisors often benefit from advisory programs as much as students do. Educators work hard every day to make a difference in students' lives. The advisory program provides school personnel with another opportunity to know students well and help them significantly and be meaningful.

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